With more than thirty years spent in TV production of television programmes as well as endless multi-lingual TV commercials, Joël Jabbour is currently offering a whole selection of his photographic frescos - composite that combine a structured illustration made of various angles in a single frame/photo, thereby offering to tell a complete story around one single location and in a single frame!

Experimental and often extraordinary images unfold within that unique frame whereby ratios and colours, as well as black and white elements, together with natural and/or artificial arrangements, turn the picture into a skillful composition.

Often inspired by his multicultural as well as colourful TV spots, the photos composed (never retouched) by Joël Jabbour are constantly nourished by technical constraints that instead of hindering the projection of his ideas, seem to give a freehand to his own panoramic vision - vertical as well as horizontal - of the world around him.

Putting aside all known traditional photographic codes, this imaginative photographer has a knack of repositioning a succession of elements put together in a very specific order - according to his renewed techniques - in order to paint a complete scene that take the viewer from a documentary, and/or static mode, into pure art.

all copyrights by Joël JABBOUR

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